Members of UCBR have been receiving phishing emails from Rev. Beth, David Hawley, and perhaps others. The email address looks very similar to ours, but is not. Church email addresses all are @unitarianchurchbr.com.  The scammer is using .unitarianchurchbr@gmail.com.

DO NOT OPEN these emails. Carefully check the email address from which it has been sent. Forward any such email you receive to Office Administrator, AllisonHall, office@unitarianchurchbr.com.

PLEASE NOTE:  UCBR ministers and staff will NEVER ask you to purchase gift cards, wire money, etc by email or text. Scams are all too frequent occurrences. Unless arrangements are made with you in person or by telephone for a purchase for a church related purpose, assume it is a scam and call the church.  

Upcoming Services

May 19, 2019 - 9:30am; 11:15 am

The time of interim ministry is a time of waiting and preparing for the settled ministry to come; many congregations find it challenging. But what about a congregation in an interim-before-the-interim ministry? The challenges of preparing and waiting are even bigger and more uncomfortable. Let's talk about the spiritual gifts and challenges of waiting. Our guest speaker, the Reverend Melanie Morel-Ensminger, a New Orleans native and UU minister for close to 30 years, has preached at UCBR many times over the years, starting when she was a seminary student in 1992. Currently semi-retired, she serves as Anti-Racism Dialogue Facilitator with the Center for Ethical Living in New Orleans.

May 26, 2019 - 9:30am; 11:15 am

Our topic today is the 5th source of our Unitarian Universalist faith:  Humanist teachings which counsel us to heed the guidance of reason and the results of science and warn us against idolatries of the mind and spirit.  It’s the part about idolatries that intrigues me most.  What idolatries are we talking about?