Child/Youth Registration

Children and Youth Registration - All children and youth who regularly participate at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge should be registered in our program. Children and youth can be registered electronically usng the form below or by completing a paper registration form. Forms are available from your child's teacher or from the Director of Family Ministries. Each September, we will email you with the information we have on file and ask for confirmation that it is correct. Simply reply by email and let us know if anything has changed or needs to be corrected.

Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult Information

Second Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult Information

Chld's Information

Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4

We strive for a teaching team of 4 adults per class, so that teachers have the opportunity to attend worship twice a month and teach twice a month.  We also have needs for occasional assistance, help with events, and help with preparation or administration. Please indicate the areas in which you would like to assist:

The Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge Please may wish to use photos of our children on the internet, in print, and on display to promote the work of this church. Please choose whether you gratn UCBR this permission for your children:

I/we register my child(ren) in the Religious Education Program at Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge, understanding that it is a collaborative program between parents, teachers, and the church community, designed to foster growth and learning in the Unitarian Universalist faith. I understand that the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge accepts and teaches diversity of race, religion, class, sexual orientation and gender identity and give permission for my child to attend classes and events at UCBR.

If I cannot be readily located in the event of an emergency, I authorize the Church and its representatives to render emergency medical assistance and to authorize medical and paramedical personnel to do the same.  I also understand that, although the Church has adopted policies that it believes to be reasonable to protect children, injuries may still occur. 

I release the Church and all its representatives from any and all claims and liability for any injury to any child of mine, and I agree to indemnify and hold the Church and all of its representatives harmless against any such claims and liability. This waiver and liability release is effective immediately and in perpetuity.  

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