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RE Volunteer Opportunities

We have a small but mighty roster of teachers and advisers for religious education, but we need more help. Are you that special someone who will add new energy and a fresh perspective to a teaching team this year?


Hall Monitor - Like you, I am always concerned with the safety of our children and youth, particularly when they participate in our religious education program. Here is a way you can help ensure a safe environment at UCBR - join our pool of RE Hall Monitors, with a commitment of once per month or less.

Here are the many ways in which you can assist the RE program including but not limited to teaching:  We hope to have an on-going parent-assisted supply pantry cleanup team; there is a Parents Programming Team, a Curriculum Team and a Safety Team.  Volunteers are needed as drivers and support whenever there is an off-site activity.   For these and other ways of assisting, please contact Director Rev.Kathy Smith at or on site Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings.


Another kind of volunteer activity is remembering to bring your empty laser and ink print cartridges to the RE department for recycling. There are appropriate boxes in the hallway by the bathrooms. These are returned for environmentally safe recycling and we use the funds generated for the RE budget...a winning combination.