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Religious Education: Frequently Asked Questions

We want to visit and bring our kids. Where do we take them on Sunday morning?

If you attend our 9:30 service, we have a nursery and one multi-age class based on a Montessori-style of Sunday School. When you enter the church walkway, turn right to enter the RE building, then left then right to get to the nursery or right to get to the Spirit Play (multi-age) class. A nursery worker or Spirit Play doorkeeper should be ready to greet you by 9:20.

If you attend the 11:15 service, we have a full range of classes for children and youth. When you enter the RE building, turn right to get to Spirit Play (ages 4-6) or left then right to get to the nursery (birth-2). Our toddler class (Friendship Finders) is just next to the nursery. Then we have three classrooms that rotate for Spirit of Adventure. Look for the banner that corresponds with your child's grade. Passages (8th grade) is meeting in the library, and the Middle Youth (6-8 grades) and Senior Youth (9th-12th) meet in the youth wing. The Religious Education Director or a Religious Education Greeter should be available to help you find your way.

We have a mixed family of different religious traditions. What will our child learn in your religious education program?

Our religious education program is designed for children from varying religious traditions (including atheism). Our curriculum is based on the six sources of Unitarian Universalism:

We open up possibilities for exploration of many types of belief, without teaching that any one belief is better or more important than another. We also work with children to develop core values and ethics, regardless of religious tradition.

What should our children wear to church?

Most kids wear play clothes. While some dress up, in our younger classes especially we do lots of messy projects, so comfort is best. We're pretty informal.

What else do you offer for children and youth?

Check out the R.E. Classes section of this website to see the wide variety of programs we offer. There's  a Halloween Festival, a Christmas Tree Decorating Party, and an Easter Egg Hunt, along with special programs for Middle and Senior Youth (lock-ins, district conferences, and more).

What do we need from parents?

Religious Education in our church is a cooperative venture. That means that the work is shared among all participating families, not just a few. We expect that parents will volunteer at least two hours of time for each child/youth. Here are some of the ways that parents can help us to serve young people:

  • Please fill out a registration form for each family to register your child/youth in our program and to give us the information we need. Make sure to register for both services if your child will attend classes during both services even occasionally.
  • Bring your child consistently and on time, to minimize disruptions and maximize the time we have to spend together.
  • Stay on site during R.E. classes in case of emergencies. This is your opportunity to attend the adult worship service.
  • Attend Community Worship Services with your children. These worship experiences are a vital part of our Religious Education program.
  • Pick up your young child when the bell rings to mark the end of classes. This will be 10:45 for the first service and 12:30 for the second. Enjoy coffee hour until classes are finished.
  • Volunteer to help where and when you are needed. Join the yahoogroup Click to join MagicMakersUCBR

    Click to join MagicMakersUCBR to learn about more volunteer opportunities. There is also a space on the RE Registration form to indicate how you would like to volunteer time to our program. Consider teaching next year or signing up to be a specialist. This is a most worthwhile investment of your time.
  • Communicate. Meet your child's teachers and learn about the curriculum. Ask your child about what s/he learned each Sunday, and talk about it together—you can add enrichment and reinforcement. Please be clear with your child that cooperative behavior in the classroom is expected. If your child has a particular health or behavioral challenge, please let us know. Positive feedback is nice, too. And if you like our program, tell your friends!