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- Associate Minister

   It is officially hurricane season. Make sure you are prepared. Get your candles, batteries, and make a plan for getting gas and where you’ll evacuate if you need to. For most of us who have been through a few hurricane seasons, this is all pretty standard.

- Minister
Sanctuary Renovation  ~ We have over $10,000 in contributions and committed pledges towards the $30,000 match for completing the Sanctuary Renovation project.  That means we're one-third closer to our goal.
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    For my first Mother’s Day Sunday as a Director of Religious Education, I was asked to choose and tell the Story for All Ages.  As I sorted through the many books written for children around Mother’s Day, I realized that these books – lovely though they

- Minister

Opportunity #1~ Our church is now ready to enroll a church member in Red Cross CPR training. Send a note to the church or to me if you feel you could make such a meaningful contribution in being trained in the training of others.

- Social Justice

Volunteers for our service project at St Vincent de Paul dining room on Saturday, May 12 will be 10 children from the RE program and their parents.  Our team of 17 volunteers will join a community team to prepare "Bags of Hope," an evening meal distributed to homeless and low-income families who

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In May, the choir will join us on May 6 with an anthem by choral composer Andrea Ramsey based on Psalm 23.

On May 13, the children's choir will have a special performance, and the adult choir will sing The Ground, a favorite of the choir.

- President

This will be my last column. After getting over the shock of having to write something other than a prescription, I confess I have enjoyed it. I have attempted clear communication about issues important to the board and, I hope, to you.

- Associate Minister

On Easter Sunday I preached a short reflection on resurrection. A few people asked for a printed copy of it. Here it is: (although talking about resurrection in May is completely out of the normal liturgical calendar, so please forgive):

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Town Hall  11/19/17          Summary of your thoughts

41 people attended; 5 groups of 8 discussed:

What is our brand? How do we wish to be known by others in our city?

We are known for action:

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