Crump's Expressway

- Minister

What's Going On? As certain as Marvin Gaye's 1971 hit is forever stuck in my head, I am likewise certain of the seriousness of the question when it is asked and answered in the context of the congregation.

- President

First of all, thank you. Thank you for being a member of our wonderful church. Thank you for showing up at the May Congregational Meeting so we could a reach quorum and for voting to allow me to serve as your president. I promise to work seriously and with joy. 

- Music

On July 2, we will be joined by Eric Morel-Ensminger, a professional trumpet player, songwriter, and vocalist whose work was featured at GA in New Orleans in June.

On July 30, cellist Joy Bedillion will return to provide special music during both services.

- Social Justice

The first-ever Unitarian Universalist Annual General Assembly to convene in the state of Louisiana is now history, with historic representation from our church as more than fifty members attended and were inspired and challenged in worship services, workshops, and General Sessions at 2017 GA that

- Assistant Minister

I wanted to write this article about how anxious I am about having a child and how grateful I am that this congregation granted me paternity leave.

- Minister

Nathan Ryan is now on paternity leave for the month of July celebrating Lauren and Nathan's new arrival:  Theodore Norbert Ryan, born on Sunday, June 25. Ring the bells, s