Crump's Expressway

- Education

A message from your Director of Family Ministries for families of all ages (whether or not children live in your home!) by Kathy E. Smith

- Associate Minister

   499 years and 11 months ago a priest got fed up with the way Catholicism was practiced. He wrote out 95 problems he had with the Catholic Church (OK, Ok, actually he articulated 95 propositions for disputation, but 95 problems sounds better).

- Minister

    Floods.I am against them.  From childhood, I distinctly remember the passage in Genesis in which we are told that God was so moved by the destruction after the Great Flood that God decided never to subdue the earth with floods ever again, leading us to conclude we cannot blam

- President

   Under our model of church governance the board writes an Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) at the beginning of the board year (May to April/May). It is our message to our ministry team leader (Steve) about what we think is most important to accomplish this year.

- Social Justice

    The Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge held the annual meeting of delegates from member congregations at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Sunday, July 16.

- Music

On August 6, the gospel choir returns again for another inspiring service. Led by Marie Flowers, and featuring pianist Ross Hoppe, this music-heavy service is always a great experience. 

- Associate Minister

My first real lesson from parenting: be wary of the stories. While my new son is reasonably calm, at least by baby standards, he still cries a lot.

- Minister

What's Going On? As certain as Marvin Gaye's 1971 hit is forever stuck in my head, I am likewise certain of the seriousness of the question when it is asked and answered in the context of the congregation.

- President

First of all, thank you. Thank you for being a member of our wonderful church. Thank you for showing up at the May Congregational Meeting so we could a reach quorum and for voting to allow me to serve as your president. I promise to work seriously and with joy.