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CATS Comes To Our Church

      Why are we seeing an update on CATS (Capital Area Transit System) here?  Because CATS can now help provide needed Connections for our church.   The corner of Tara Blvd. is on a major bus route #18 and connects LSU to Cortana Mall via Corporate Blvd.  Cortana Mall is a major hub in the system and thus with a transfer, creates the ability to go in all directions of our city.

      Example: On Sunday, you can board a bus from Cortana to the general southwest direction every hour which stops at the Connell Park side of Goodwood & Tara about 8:37am and though the evening.  Coming from the LSU area going to the Cortana hub, the bus stops on the hour from early until late on our side of the street at the Tara corner.

      Their web site is easy to navigate.  By entering where you want to go to and from, the computer will route it for you to be viewed or printed.  Helpful employees at 225-389-8282 can also give you such information.  There is even an APP for mobile phones to assist the traveler.

      Fares are $2 per trip, including transfer.  A variety of passes are available which could reduce the per ride cost for the regular rider.

 Although this information was researched for the benefit of those who have no auto, it could be helpful to some drivers when our parking lot is under construction.      Dottie Kelly, Connections Director