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What's New In Our Church?

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      In the Fellowship Hall  is a flat-screen TV on which scrolls a series of announcements and information about what is happening around the church. Each slide is visible for 20 seconds in a continuous loop. The material is from our newsletters and from the Orders of Service. This is just another venue where you may be kept informed.

      In the narthex you will find special copies of the weekly Orders of Service in Large Print.  It is the same material as our usual Order of Service that is printed front & back of one sheet of paper, but enlarged to cover two sheets front and back and maybe even a third sheet sometime.  We have been printing only a few of these until we can determine the level of need. But just as we have had Large Print hymnals available for years for the comfort and convenience of those with visual problems,  we want to be able to meet those needs with the Order of Service as well.  Or, someone who simply left their eyeglasses at home by mistake may appreciate this occasionally.

      As we use the last of each category of light bulbs in the building, the purchased replacements will be LED.  We will rotate the old ones into groups in a hope not to have an area populated by both kinds.  This is another step in updating our campus.   

      Tired of low interest rates on your savings?  A fixed-amount annuity purchased through the UUA, benefitting you and our church, will likely provide you a higher rate of income than which you may now be getting from CDs or money market instruments.  Please call the church office or talk to Rev. Steve Crump.  We will put you in touch with a professional at the Unitarian Universalist Association who will assist you in making a gift that benefits you and our church.  This well-known instrument is called a Charitable Gift Annuity.                    Dottie Kelly