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    Our church is a democracy. Unitarians in the U.S. have their roots in the northeast, a place where small towns are still sometimes run through town meetings. This is old-fashioned democracy. It was/is imperfect in execution but ideally a way to assure that all citizens had the opportunity to hear the same messages from each other and their leaders.

    Many of us today are frustrated with our local and national systems of governance. This church is not a “city on the hill” (an ideal of early colonists), but we want to be very intentional about how we practice our democracy. 

1) YOU, the congregation, are the ones empowered to make the most important decisions. For example, only the congregation can call or dismiss the minister. 

2) The job of the board is to listen and to lead. We lead by making policy decisions after careful discernment. Discernment is a puzzling word. It is often used in a Christian context but I’ll go with Webster’s - the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure. So we look at data and the input of the board committees who do invaluable work.  And we listen to you. That’s why we have experimented with the “What’s on your mind? The Board wants to know” table. 

We appreciate your comments and are collecting them to address over the year. 

    SO: one way we plan to practice what I’ll call Intentional Democracy is to hold Town Meetings. We will not be voting on issues. We will hold civil conversations about some of the issues we are working with. Please save this date: November 19, 12:45pm. Lunch will be served. 

    Keep your thoughts coming. Buttonhole the board. We want to hear from you.

~Holley Haymaker, Board President