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   First of all, a shout out to Senior Youth for their help at the Congregational Meeting. We got started quickly and got out in record time. And thank you to those who joined us on that beatiful Sunday afternoon.

   In my previous columns I have mentioned that communication with you is one of our major goals this year. To that end comes this invitation/reminder:

   Join us on November 19, 12:45pm, for a Town Hall meeting. Lunch will be served. Discussion is the goal. The agenda is not finished but I can promise we will be looking at intentional democracy and civil discourse including some of these questions:

1) How we create community. How to balance fun, outreach,  financial survival and all the other issues we face.

2) How to deal constructively with conflict.

3) How can we work together to decrease the stress of living in an uncertain world.

 Questions? Comments? Bring them with you and again, feel free to chat with any of your board about your thoughts and concerns. 

Holley Haymaker can be reached at hgalland@aol.com225-892-0951.