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    First of all, Thank You! Steve Crump for 35 years of hard work, clear pastoral concern and exuberant creativity. What a gift you have been.

    It is now time for many things, but first of all a time to celebrate Steve. Dear congregation, please start writing down your thoughts and stories for we have a tale to tell, and it is to be made up of all our stories.

    At the last board meeting we discussed, as we often do, the AVOM (annual vision of ministry). Specifically, we looked at it #2 about supporting transitions. We concluded that there will always be transitions and perhaps this item was not necessary. Well, today, we face a transition larger than anticipated. Many will find this scary and worrisome. The UUA is aware of the magnitude of losing a long-term minister and offers all kinds of resources to assist us in this transition.

    So, let us consider this transition to be our new adventure. By the time Steve leaves, Great Expectations will have been achieved. It is past time for a new strategic plan. The work involved in strategic planning in many ways mirrors the work involved in calling a new senior minister. No, we don’t have to do the planning at the same time but the process of calling a new minister really helps lay the base for strategic planning.

    So, let us follow Steve’s example of enthusiastic and energetic optimism as we face this challenge. Let us call on our history, our denomination and on each other to celebrate Steve and his well-deserved retirement. Obviously, there is more to follow. And, as always, if you want to be involved in any project or process, please let your board know.