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November 19, 2017 Town Hall Meeting Summary

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Town Hall  11/19/17          Summary of your thoughts

41 people attended; 5 groups of 8 discussed:

What is our brand? How do we wish to be known by others in our city?

We are known for action:

Respected for Social Justice Work

With TBR we are the church that shows up, believes in social justice and civil rights

Action oriented/ People see our social justice engagement

Retain a place in the larger world’s table

Welcoming, inclusive, community service, circle window, comfort zone for non-believers, support democratic process in community, volunteer

Values can be confusing but they are there-


Every family has value

Brand is welcoming

Inherent worth of all

7 clear beliefs

Strength in Programming; Positive Brand: Why people come

Strong programs


Safe haven, oasis, feeling a sharing with other members

For transition of self

Kudos to Roots and Lunch Bunch, Kudos to Branches

Want more social rather than intellectual opportunities – get a committee for this!

Embraces various religions

My beliefs are accepted

Ideas for action

Put a tag such as those given to kids during blessing of knapsacks that puts our brand out there

With the principles

Interfaith activities with sister churches

Sponsor events that bring in larger community

Get UUA to help us with some training

Educate ourselves how members can message/elevator speeches

How we support brand – invite more visitors, work on elevator speeches

In the present political climate we could do more to reach out to groups with fear based authoritarian views

Need to look to younger adults

Tell the community that we are more than intellectual – song, dance, yoga

Need to advertise

Challenging issues, issues that need work and clarification

From youth- disconnect with youth. No accessible system to keep youth connected after HS. Not enough interaction with young adults. The young adults miss having spirit given to them as was in Sunday school.


Need solid religious base. Some sort of creed, prophet, relics

Academically focused; May not be seen as welcoming

Want more openness

We have 2 brands

Look at Stigma and negative branding: May be seen as a cult; Smart rich people

Gay; No beliefs; People didn’t know what was on the electronic sign that day.

Black lives matter brands us

Internally see us as “not like the church down the street”

Concept of searching is not understood

We are hard to put in a box. Does this maker for a small rather than large table?

Orthodoxy (focus on belief)/Orthopraxy – focus on action. Where do we fit?