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June 2018 Transitions by Holley Galland Haymaker

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    Your Interim Task Force has met twice and has submitted an application for an Interim Minister to the UUA. We also decided to communicate as much as possible and in as many ways as possible. So – here is the first Transitions Column. I write the first one but others will write as we move along in the process. Three of us attended the recent board retreat. At that retreat, we discussed a chapter, Roadblocks by John Nichols, from In the Interim edited by Barbara Child and Keith Kron. It is thought provoking and I will post a copy on the bulletin board should you care to copy it.

    Here are some notes from that chapter. A congregant may ask, “Why don’t we offer the position to Mary (in our case, Nathan)?” Nichols answers include -it takes at least two years to properly grieve a long-term minister. Don’t short-change this important process. Reflect rather than react, difficult though it may be.  Choosing a minister is choosing a pastor, a confident, spiritual leader. It just takes longer than choosing an administrator. The associate minister, no matter how successful in that role, will have been in the shadow of the senior minister. This may make it difficult to make changes. This in between time is bumpy. Don’t put the associate in charge in this difficult time.

    There’s more but that’s all for now. Tell us what you want to know. We are Don Hoppe, David Hawley, Holley Haymaker, Glenda Parks and Donna Yelverton.