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David Hawley, Board President

This is my first article as president and as I ease into this position for the next year, I can say I am overwhelmed…but not in the way I expected. I am overwhelmed by the support I have received; I am overwhelmed by the passion and commitment the leaders in this church have; I am overwhelmed by how humbling it is just to be associated in some way with the visionaries who established this church and ensured its success for these many years. And yes, I am overwhelmed by the many projects and transitions we have going on in this church.  Though, I take solace in the fact that the leaders before me had to see through transitions and tough times that always made us stronger. I feel a responsibility to those before me who have dedicated time and energy to this church.

One such person who sticks out in my mind is former church President, Bob Dorroh.  When Erin and I first came to the church in the Summer 2012 Bob was the first face we saw. He was standing in the breezeway like he always did.  He welcomed us and told us about the church like he did for each guest (and the next time he welcomed us again, and the time after that, and after that).  Bob believed in this church; he made an impact on this church and I feel indebted to Bob for the work he did for me as a future member.

Bob is just one of the scores of leaders that have impacted this organization. I remember at Bob’s memorial service, Steve gave us all a charge when he said something to the effect of “Bob Dorroh was a giant in this church, now what are you going to do?”  So, as I walk through the empty breezeway in the evening on my way to committee meetings on weekday evenings away from the hustle of a busy Sunday morning, I still see Bob standing there welcoming me. With each board meeting, committee meeting, or church related e-mail I am repaying my debt to Bob and those leaders before me, and I am working for the future members to ensure this welcoming community is around for many years to come.

Though challenges lie ahead, thinking about our heritage and legacy helps me have faith that we will come out stronger. 

Moving onto business, the board was in retreat in May and the upcoming ministerial transition was in front of our minds. One of the goals for this board the last few years is to communicate. We recognize that this year we will need to OVER communicate.  So please be on the look out for information on transition and church projects. We will do our best to relay it in multiple formats.

The sanctuary project is well on its way.  On July 8, 12:45pm there will be a special congregational meeting for the congregation to commit funds to the sanctuary. In advance of that there will be information sessions after each service. Look for those announcements and please attend those sessions and ask questions. 

During the retreat and the June board meeting your board has determined the Annual Vision of Ministry.  This is the board’s direction to the ministry team on the priority for the next year.    

2018-2019 AVOM

Each day the ministry of the church should continue to serve the purpose and mission of the church. In 2018 – 2019 board year, the ministry team’s priority shall be to:

1.) Ensure a successful transition into and through the interim ministry period;

2.) Foster a strong membership that is active, informed, and engaged in personal transformation;

3.) Focus on deep commitment to community, racial reconciliation, and the historically marginalized;

4.) Continue ongoing projects, with a focus on completion:

Communications strategy;

Sanctuary Project;

Financial Transition;

Campus wide Capital Improvements

In addition, we as part of our annual process identify Open Questions that we should consider for the next year.  The questions for the 2018-2019 Board year are:

  • What is the Board’s role in ministerial transition?

  • How do we positively impact people’s lives?

  • How do we serve the future members and the mission of the church?

You will see both the AVOM and the Open Questions throughout this year.  As always, if you have any thoughts or questions do not hesitate to reach out to me or any board member.