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August 2018 Board President

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David Hawley, Board President

The summer has flown by… the heat won’t be dying down for some time, but the bulk of the summer vacation season is winding down and in August we will begin attacking the last five months of this year…and oh what a ride it’ll be! 

At the congregational meeting on July 8th the membership voted to release funds for the sanctuary project. That team is hard at work finalizing plans so construction can get started (and hopefully competed) later this year. 

A second victory was the fact that we were able to determine a quorum during vacation season.  This was in no small part due to the proxy vote. I don’t have the final numbers, but there were at last three-dozen proxy votes cast.  This is the democratic process at work, the membership asked for a workable solution on the quorum issue.  After much discussion and input, we were able to find a process that so far has been a success.  I think congratulations are in order all around: You spoke, we listened, we acted…hey, a democracy that works (mostly).

Prior to this congregational meeting and to most in the past few years, we held an informal information session. The sessions have been very helpful as they provide a space for an informal dialogue and as a result we are able to receive and incorporate the feedback as well as reduce the length of the congregational meeting.  If you have not attended these meetings in the past, I would encourage you to so in the future.

We have formed a Leave Well Team which includes Jerri Becnel, Cynthia Bryant, John Jackson, and Joann Fryling.  This team will be working to make sure we have a good send off for Steve. This team is working on some wonderful ideas and I am looking forward to see what they put together. Though the goal of this team is to help the congregation say farewell to Steve, so if you have any thoughts on that please contact a member of this team.