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September 2018 Transitions by Holley Galland Haymaker

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-Do we have any names of possible interims yet?

 No. We don’t get those until early November. 

-What if we don’t like any of them?

There are options, the main one being a consulting minister who is hired for a shorter period and then we can look again for an interim for the fall of 2019.

-So, what are we doing to get ready?

So, glad you asked. Actually, we have been getting ready for years.

As you know, this congregation functions under Policy Governance (PG). PG is more efficient in congregations our size. The study/planning phase for this began in 2012 and PG went “live” in 2014 after the congregation voted their approval.

The Governance Committee has been working especially hard this last year to make the needed changes in the bylaws for smooth functioning of our governance under PG. For example, we used our new proxy voting system this summer.

Bylaw changes are needed to clarify how we function when Steve is no longer Senior Minister. The board discussed and approved these changes at the last meeting. You will get to vote on them at the September 30th Congregational Meeting. Please join us.

Perhaps you have a brain that can comprehend bylaws easily. These are clearly written but I found that I needed to discuss them with folks before I felt as if I understood them well. I do now and am comfortable. You are invited to discuss them after services on September 16 and 23. 

Finally, the Family Ministry workshop was thought provoking and reassuring. We have been through many changes since the founding of the congregation. We have weathered the upsetting ones well and carried on. Peace.