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October 2018 Transitions by Holley Galland Haymaker

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Good news – as of early September we already had two people interested in our interim opening.

Good news – your leadership is working efficiently on checking off the tasks needed to prepare for the transition. In the two weeks before this column is printed there will be meetings of the board which, among many things, reviews issues of oversight, the personnel committee to work on the contract, the interim task force to revise the application that all the potential candidates look at, the governance committee to clarify board minister relations, and MOST important, the membership meeting where you will have gotten a chance to look at some of this.

Meanwhile there continues to be Steve sightings with all the work he’s up to. Past Steve sightings have included over the years…Steve on the roof, Steve with a soldering iron working on a mic, Steve with screw drivers at the wayside pulpit, and, of course, Steve’s uplifting presence on Sunday morning. We will not be getting another Steve. But meanwhile YOU have been working in community, in church, with the children, in teams doing so many projects. I need to start a list! YOU are the church.

This interim task force is grateful for the trust you have in us. Please know that we want to be good stewards of that trust. As such I have to share this challenge. A major factor in hiring the best interim fit for our church is the ability to pay a decent salary. The UUA has revised the salary guidelines – upwards. When we interview candidates, we want to be able to say that yes, we will still offer what we wrote in our first application, midrange for our region.

I know this is not the stewardship column but I use this column to ask for your generosity. Stewardship is taking care, it is the responsible management of something entrusted – a child, a family, a church, a community, a world. We are grateful for your trust and your care.