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November 2018 President's Column by David Hawley

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This has been a very busy past few months and is a very exciting time in the church. The sanctuary renovation is under way and scheduled to be complete by the end of the year. We have accomplished much so far this year and with only two months remaining, we have much more to go. Here’s what we are working on to close out the year:

Interim Minister – by the time you read this, we will be in the middle of or just have completed the process of interviewing for (and hopefully hiring) an interim minister. It’s a whirlwind process and will happen quickly. We hope to be able to make an announcement about our interim minister status by middle of November.

Senior Minister Search Committee – We are planning to elect the search committee early in 2019. Once that team convenes, their work progress will be made transparent, but the specific content of their work will be held in confidence among the committee members. As a result, it is important that the members of the search committee represent a trusted cross-section of the congregation. The Nominating Committee, elected by the congregation, is working on a process which will solicit input from the congregation. On November 18 please attend a town hall to discuss the process of forming a search committee. Over the remainder of this year, the Nominating Committee will solicit input from the congregation and select 7 church members (including 1-2 Board members) and present them to the congregation for approval. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to discuss with members of the Nominating Committee: Kristie Boudreaux (Chair), Leslie Grover, Andreas Hansen, Kerry Hebert, Kathy Judy, and Byron McCaughey.

Leave Well - The Leave Well Team (Jerri Becnel- Chair, Cynthia Bryant, Joann Fryling, and John Jackson) has been hard at work visioning and planning what leaving well looks like. They have done wonderful work. The plans include multiples way to celebrate Steve’s service to the church. See page 7 for some plans of the Leave Well Team.

Minister Emeritus – The minister emeritus is an honor that congregations can bestow upon long serving ministers. We will have a congregational meeting on December 16, 12:45pm, to consider bestowing this honor on Steve. A brief announcement for that meeting is included in the newsletter. The Minister Emeritus task force includes Becky Cureau, David Lindenfield, and Melanie Mayeaux

And with this next meeting that will make FIVE congregational meeting this year! That is just an indication of what kind of year it has been. And we have met a quorum at each one so far. Let’s keep the trend going.

TRUST – at the congregational meeting in September I put up a power point slide with that one word on it. This is the work of all of us.  Exciting and challenging times lie ahead for this church and we must maintain trust… that is trust in each other; trust in the church; trust in the process; trust in our past; and trust in our future. Maintaining trust in any community or organization is hard work. It involves communication, reflection, good faith discussions, and maybe sometimes uncomfortable situations. As we move into the future let’s stay in covenant and do the hard work required to maintain trust to continue to build upon the foundation laid by those that came before us.