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December 2018 Transitions by Holley Galland Haymaker

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Many of you were at church on November 11 when the Interim Task Force announced, to our joy, that we had found a wonderful interim minister, Rev. Joel Miller. Part of that announcement included a short video of Joel. There he was. This is real. He smiled and said he was eager to join us. He also said, if you want to learn more about me, go to my web site,

Do go to His bio is a journey. After graduation from Starr King, his first church ministry began when a group of parents gathered at a playground in California asked him to start a church. He was the first minister at the Columbine UU Church in Littleton, Colorado. On April 20, 1999, he immediately went to the barricades at Columbine High School. From his work, there he co-founded the UU Trauma Response Ministry. He has served churches large and small. He has served as senior minister and as interim. His references were exuberantly enthusiastic. If you go on to “google” him you will find some of his writings. In his 2008 Gould discourse found on the UUA website, I found this sentence fitting for this season: “The first word of my spiritual practice is gratitude. We, the Task Force, is grateful to you, the congregation. You make this church. Successful ministers want to serve here because of you.” 

Joel will start with us on August 1st. Till then we will have a short-term minister who is part of a fairly new UUA program that carefully selects recently retired successful ministers and offers them special training for just such “gap” positions. Your Interim Task Force is working with the UUA transitions office and they tell us there are at least two ministers interested in working with us. We will let you know our choice as soon as we can. We are a strong involved congregation. We will be fine.