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February 2019 Nominating Committee by Kristie Boudreaux

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In November at a town hall meeting, members of the Nominating Committee met with members of the church to discuss the ministerial search process and the desired qualities of those who will serve on the search committee. The next step in the process is to get input from the church on recommendations for potential search committee members.

The Nominating Committee has put together a form that outlines the commitment and qualities of a search committee member, along with a place for church members to make their recommendations. There is no limit to the number of names a member can submit, but a separate form must be completed for each recommendation. The names of any church member, except for board members and paid staff, can be submitted. A paper version of the form for submitting names will be available on Sunday, February 3, or use this link to access the form for electronic submission. This link is also available on every website page under Quick Links.  We would like to finish this initial process by Monday, February 18.

After the forms are submitted, the nominating committee will review the recommendations and present the Senior Minister Search Committee to the congregation for an up-or-down vote at a congregational meeting. The full slate must be accepted by a two-thirds majority vote.

If you have any questions about the form or the process for putting together the Senior Minister Search Committee, please feel free to reach out to any of the members of the Nominating Committee: Kristie Boudreaux, Leslie Taylor Grover, Andreas Hansen, Kerry Hebert, Kathy Judy, and Byron McCaughey.

Serving on the Senior Minister Search Committee requires an extensive amount of time. The committee will meet frequently during the transition, which will last at least a year and a half and even longer if the interim minister is asked to serve for two years. The list below includes some of the tasks of the search committee:

  • Working with the UUA throughout the search process

  • Participating in all trainings about the search process, including a search retreat, and regularly scheduled weekly meetings

  • Working with the Interim Minister and congregation to help identify what the congregation believes it needs from a senior minister (through cottage meetings, surveys, etc.)

  • Maintaining connections with the congregation throughout the search

  • Preparing the documents packet to share with potential candidates

  • Communicating information about the church and its processes to potential candidates

  • Interviewing prospective ministers

  • Nominating candidates for the position of Senior Minister

  • Helping to prepare a contract for the candidate

  • Assisting the new Senior Minister in becoming acquainted with church membership, finances, bylaws, and the local community.  

In order to have a successful search, it is essential that the following be true:

  • The search committee represents the entire congregation.

  • The search committee is trusted by the congregation.

  • The search committee is in touch with the changing nature of the congregation.

  • The search committee is responsible to a good process, the congregation, and Unitarian Universalism.

Below is a list of some of the qualities of a good ministerial search committee provided by participants at the November town hall meeting:

  • Diverse

  • Reliable, from beginning to end

  • Able to understand how to hold confidentiality when required

  • Understands history and culture of church and is involved in the work of the church

  • Keeps the best interest of the church at the center of the work

  • Respects and values others’ perspectives

  • Enthusiastic and open about the process

  • Able to balance who the church is and the vision of the church’s future.

  • Able to covenant to compromise