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October 2019 Outreach by Becky Cureau

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A lively team of volunteers served on behalf of our church in our third and final "Bags of Hope" project for the summer on August 31 in the St. Vincent de Paul dining room.  This service is one of the few volunteer projects in which young children can participate, and services were scheduled with the goal of giving children in RE and children of visiting families who wished to sign on the experience of volunteer service. Together, the three summer service projects provided a total of fifteen children the experience of volunteer service as they helped prepare "Bags of Hope," the evening meal provided to homeless and others who eat the daily luncheon meal at the St. Vincent de Paul dining room.  Many thanks to our third and last "Bags" Team, which included Samantha Chaisson and daughter, Olivia Chaisson; Katie Douglas and her children, Carolyn, Emma and Jack Douglas; Margaret Hennesy and son, Kaiten Campo; Nancy Kunen; Genevieve Silverman and son, Walter Silverman; and Jason and Lindsey Wesley and daughter, Ella Wesley. Thanks, parents, for giving your children the experience of the fun and joy of serving. Stay tuned for future opportunities to experience volunteer service. Sign-up will begin Sunday, October 6, for our annual fall volunteer service at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank warehouse on Saturday, November 2, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., when volunteers will sort and repackage commodities for delivery to distribution centers serviced by the Food Bank. Children over ten with a parent or designated adult, and teens are welcome.  This is an opportunity for middle and high school students to earn required service hours while serving on behalf of our church.