The Holy Grill

This is a noon-time food service in the Zion City neighborhood at Cadillac Park (North Baton Rouge) provided by the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge. Our volunteers join other volunteers from member congregations who serve on a rotating schedule to help fulfill the Federations's mission.  Announcement of our weeks in January and June is made about a month in advance and signup sheets are on display at that time at the Adult Programs Book Table each Sunday.   Six servers are needed each day for service from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Holy Grill, a daytime lunch program, was the first program launched by the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge, founded in 1986 as The Greater Baton Rouge Federation of Churches and Synagogues.  The mission of IFED is to cultivate interfaith understanding and cooperation to reduce human suffering in Greater Baton Rouge.