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 Wanted: visionary members of UCBR committed to the UU principles and the well being and maturational growth of our church.

If you have previously been asked to consider becoming a board member at UCBR and said no. Read on:

 As you may have heard, UCBR has been working for over a year now on restructuring our governance model. With that restructure come different needs and opportunities for both staff and members of the congregation. 

 A trial run will begin this fall and we need 5 people that are visionary, committed, flexible folks to begin the trial implementation and help us make any necessary changes and additions as we work through the transition as an appointed board operating simultaneously as the usual elected board members. 

 That means appointed board participation and expectations will be completely different. Consider the ways board participation will be different.

 1.  New opportunities to focus on the future of our church such as, what particular constituency do we need to do a better job at reaching out to in our community and how?

 2.  As an appointed board member in the next year, you may be asked to read a book, watch a movie, or discuss what the next social justice opportunity may be for our church. 

 3.  You will engage the congregation in open questions about where their passions lie. 

 4.  You will create a vision of ministry that inspires a budget not a budget that determines what we can afford

 5.  You will dream, aspire and lead instead of manage, attend and listen

 6.  You will not discuss squirrel removal or damage, what kind of bookshelf to build or where to put a new flowerpot.  (The elected board gets to do those things for one more year). 

 So if you are asked to consider serving as an appointed board member in the next few weeks, please think carefully about how you can contribute your time, talent and treasure to our new governance structure. 

            Capi Landreneau, Governance Task Force