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Report from the Governance Task Force

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Report from the Governance Task Force

Capi Landreneau, Kelli Gilbert, Nancy Gilbert, and Diana Dorroh

with Sally Wood and Steve Crump ex. Officio


As August is ushered in, we enter into a new phase of policy governance implementation as our elected board appoints a group of five members of the congregation along with our current president and president elect, to begin the first phase of our trial run. 

 This "Appointed Board" will initiate the new governance structure as they become familiar with the new governance ideals of discernment, strategy, vision and oversight. This Board will incrementally assume responsibilities of the new governance structure with support from the Governance Task Force.  Here are some of the new roles you will hear more about as we begin our trial run:

 Vision - A vision is a star to guide by.  It is an imagined future state of the church as it becomes a better vehicle to serve our mission.  Strategies, goals, and objectives describe the plan for crossing the gap between our current state and the vision over time. The Board expresses its strategy to move toward the vision in its Annual Vision of Ministry.

 Management - Management is one of the leadership roles described in Dan Hotchkiss's book on governance change and is primarily the responsibility of the staff Ministry Team.  The Board delegates its management responsibility to the Ministry Team by adopting written policies.  These policies will authorize the Ministry Team to make the necessary day to day decisions to implement the goals and objectives articulated periodically by the Board. These policies will also set forth any limitations or other requirements.

Discernment and Strategy -Discernment and strategy comprise another of the four leadership roles as described by Dan Hotchkiss.  Discernment aims to discover the congregation’s mission (what good the congregation truly exists to do) and its vision (what the future will look like if we make good progress).  Strategy is the process of setting goals and making high-level decisions to move the organization from its current state toward its desired vision.  At least annually, the Board will describe its strategy in its Annual Vision of Ministry. The Ministry Team will then develop the action plans to implement the strategy. The process of discernment and strategy is a shared responsibility of the Board and staff.

Oversight - Oversight is another one of the leadership roles described in the book and is primarily the responsibility of the Board.  Oversight refers to the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the church’s human and material resources are used for the benefit of its mission.  Oversight policies set standards for the church’s life and work to assure that that its resources are safeguarded, its leaders are accountable, and the congregation learns from its experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we begin our trial run. For further information please feel free to contact any member of the task force.