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Governance Task Force

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A Governance Task Force Update

Diana Dorroh, Kelli Gilbert, Nancy Gilbert, and Capi Landreneau

with Mike Hebert and Steve Crump ex. Officio


This month we are starting the transition to our new governance system.  For the next nine months the new Policy Governance Committee will be meeting twice a month.  This committee will incrementally assume responsibilities of the new governance structure with support from the Governance Task Force.  In adherence to our current by-laws, our elected Board of Trustees will continue to serve through May of 2014.


We are pleased to introduce our new committee members: Wade Adams, Cynthia Bryant, Nancy Gilbert, Clyde Johnson, Melanie Mayeux, Maida Owens, and Sally Wood.   We are excited to begin this new phase and look forward to much meaningful and important work in the next few months.