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Governance Task Force Update

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    The GTF has been busy and productive these past few months working on the transition to our new governance structure.  In November the Board approved a global delegation motion.  In a nutshell this places the areas of worship life, programming, and communication under the Ministry Team Leader’s (Rev. Crump’s) purview, and delegates oversight of these areas to the Policy Governance Committee.   These areas are represented by our current council structure, which already reports to the senior minister. However, oversight has now been delegated to the Policy Governance Committee on a trial basis. This structure will be reviewed in the coming months to see if any adjustments are needed. Other areas of Ministry will be transferred incrementally in the upcoming months.


    We are also working on a new Annual Planning and Evaluation Calendar. This will help us maintain a global and systemic view of our main church processes and how they interact with each other on an ongoing basis. For instance, programming plans, goal setting and budget preparation need to be in an order that provides the most information for each of these processes to be well thought out with an eye on the future but grounded in today. 


    Moving to the new governance structure will necessitate some changes to our by-laws. Look for more information in January.


    We will also be testing some different ways to involve the congregation in long term strategic planning.  Be looking for a town hall style meeting and some Q & A sessions between services in early 2014. Please avail yourself of both of these opportunities to learn more and affect more within our congregation. 


    We are most excited about the Policy Governance Committee (PGC).  This dedicated group of seven has been meeting twice a month to learn about all aspects of how our church operates and to discuss open questions.  These are the "big" questions, or holy questions, as Rev. Crump would say, that help guide our Vision of Ministry.  The PGC’s discussions have been engaging, meaningful, thought provoking, and have already generated exciting new ideas for our congregation.  This is a wonderful group that works together with lots of care, love and laughter. 


    As always, if you have any questions or want an update on our progress between newsletters, feel free to contact any of the Governance Task force Members: Karen Giardot, Mike Hebert, Diana Dorroh, Capi Landreneau or Kelli Gilbert.