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 Rationale for the Proposed 2015 Annual Budget

(recommended by the Board of Trustees for approval at the September 7, 2014 congregational meeting.)





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  Exec Director



Prog, Adm. And Campus Maintenance






 Budget Rationale:

 The challenge for the 2015 operating budget is to begin the task of developing a plan to completely support our anticipated additional positions (Assistant Minister, Executive Director,   Technology Support) within our annual operating budget. This process began last year with the use of operating funds liberated when the mortgage was paid off.

 The proposed use of the contribution increases in our operating budget will have a "snowball" effect (compounded at 4%).  When coupled with the staffing support ($335,000) from the Great Expectations Capital/Growth metered out on a declining basis, our congregation can fully fund all the positions within the annual operating budget at the end of the sixth year.  Additionally, the 2014 Budget used non-recurring income funding of $25,289 from the 2013 fiscal year surplus. This surplus will almost certainly not recur at the end of 2014.  Many of the approximately $30,000 of non-personnel increases made in the 2014 budget were rolled back without significantly affecting programs, administration or member services            By Nancy Gilbert, Board President