Freethinkers Movie Nite

Please check the web calendar on the first Monday of each month for the current film. 

 Humanism derives the goals of life from human need and interest rather than from theological or ideological abstractions, and asserts that humanity must take responsibility for its own destiny.  Humanists take responsibility for their own lives and relish the adventure of being part of new discoveries, seeking new knowledge, exploring new options.



Jan - Inherit the Wind - historical drama

Feb - Irena Sendler - documentary

Mar - In the Time of the Butterfly - fictionalized history of resistance to the government

Apr - Touching the Void - reenacted drama of survival

May - Towelhead - drama of cultural clashes

Jun - Chocolat - romatic drama

Jul - Monty Python's Life of Brian - Comedy about a man mistaken for Jesus

Aug - A Beautiful Mind - biographical drama

Sep - Cold Comfort Farm - British comedy

Oct – The Last Valley – historical drama

Nov – “Z” – historical drama

Dec – Whale Rider - 2002 Family Drama


Jan – Yentl

Feb - The Invention of Lying

Mar - Defending Your Life

Apr - Zorba the Greek

May - Second Hand Lions

June - Temple Grandin

October - The Sapphires