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Together Baton Rouge

If you are interested in receiving information about and invitations to Together Baton Rouge events and project activities, sign up for Together Baton Rouge mailing list at 

Together Baton Rouge continues the  program  and is  actively seeking more VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools). You can sign up to be a Reading Friend or Math Buddy (in an elementary school near you—during school hours, a commitment of 45 min. weekly). Contact Bobby Thompson – or go online at

The Together Baton Rouge gala December 2014 was a smashing success. There were approximately 370 people in attendance. Many UU's were there. The music was fabulous. The choir was made up of singers from all the member organizations. Several of our choir members participated and there was a solo by our own Martha Howe. All in all it was a wonderful evening of celebrating our past accomplishments and looking forward to actions in the future to help make our city a better place to live.

See the 2013 summary of Together Baton Rouge accomplisments at file below:

In March 2013, Together Baton Rouge and all of the other Louisiana Industrial Area Foundation organizations in Louisiana decided to work under the name Together Louisiana to make our presence felt in this legislative session. Together Louisiana has been actively working: 

 1) against changing our tax structure to mostly sales tax; 

 2) in support of the Medicaid expansion  to 138% of poverty – a part of the  Affordable Care Act;

 3) in support of bills that would reduce incarceration in Louisiana. 

 Our own TBR lead organizer Brod Bagert, Perry Perkins, his supervisor, and key leaders of Together Baton Rouge  have been at the Louisiana Legislature almost every day during this session.    They have worked behind the scenes with key legislators to leverage our impact.     Unfortunately the major pieces of legislation in support of the Medicaid Expansion never received a floor vote in either house, but there were some exciting committee meetings.  Between six and ten of our own church members have been present for key committee hearings, often lasting four hours.

 The Advocate has recognized the importance of Together Louisiana's role in working to obtain the Medicaid Expansion for Louisiana in two editorials; the first on April 29 and the second on Sunday May 26.

 A quote from The Advocate May 26 editorial:  "Together Louisiana has made a big difference in a short time,'  said state Sen. Ben Nevers, D-Bogalusa, .....  Why?  The appearance of clergy and community leaders seeking a better deal for all the less fortunate in society is not an everyday occurrence in the State Capitol.  The hallways are, to borrow a phrase, a Gucci gulch of lobbyists and the well-connected." 

 Our church can be proud of our membership in Together Baton Rouge and the part our congregation is playing in developing this opportunity to affect state policy and legislation.  This is only the beginning.  Stay tuned.

Thanks to all of our church members that participated with Together Baton Rouge in our effort to bring transit reform to our city. The relationships we have formed by engaging with other churches and non-profits will be invaluable in the future. There is still much work to do to be done. This is only the beginning. There will be many more volunteer opportunities. Stay tuned for our next mission to make this a better world.



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