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Interfaith Federation

Overview of the January 2017 activities are listed on the attachment below the paragraphs.

  Several members have recently raised questions about attending meetings of the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge - two as the result of serving at the Holy Grill. Responding to these expressions of interest in the Federation serves as an opportunity to again provide information about the organization. The Interfaith Federation does not hold regular meetings, as does, for example, Together Baton Rouge, which holds monthly luncheon meetings and other events which a large number of our members regularly attend.  Rather, membership in the Federation is comprised of faith communities, and by extension, their congregations. Each faith community is represented by two to four delegates, depending on the size of membership. They meet periodically to receive information to relay to their congregations. Our church has two delegates:  Maida Owens and Becky Cureau, who also serves as President of  the Federation's Board of Directors for 2017.

    However, individuals have the opportunity for direct participation in the Federation's two major annual public events  - the Sounds of CommUNITY Concert in the spring, and the Community Prayer Breakfast in the fall.  Also, several events and activities open to participation are held throughout the year.  Two places to get more information about IFED and its events are the bulletin board in the Coffee Room, and the Federation's website:   

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