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President's Blog

Post date: Jan 2nd 2018

It’s a new year and there’s a lot to say. I’ll start with the Town Hall report. 

1) On 11/19/17 we held a Town Hall. 41 people attended; 5 groups of 8 discussed: 

Post date: Dec 13th 2017

    Thank you to those noble people who attended the Congregational Meeting in September and to those who joined us in November for the Town Hall. I hope the first was clear and efficient and the second was engaging. We appreciate your attendance and learned a lot at the Town Hall.

Post date: Nov 10th 2017

   First of all, a shout out to Senior Youth for their help at the Congregational Meeting. We got started quickly and got out in record time. And thank you to those who joined us on that beatiful Sunday afternoon.

Post date: Oct 13th 2017

    Our church is a democracy. Unitarians in the U.S. have their roots in the northeast, a place where small towns are still sometimes run through town meetings. This is old-fashioned democracy.

Post date: Aug 7th 2017

   Under our model of church governance the board writes an Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) at the beginning of the board year (May to April/May). It is our message to our ministry team leader (Steve) about what we think is most important to accomplish this year.

Post date: Jul 1st 2017

First of all, thank you. Thank you for being a member of our wonderful church. Thank you for showing up at the May Congregational Meeting so we could a reach quorum and for voting to allow me to serve as your president. I promise to work seriously and with joy. 

Post date: Aug 25th 2016

 Dear Members and Friends,

Post date: Jul 26th 2016

  How to best serve this congregation during these very difficult times has been a frequent topic of conversation among Board members.  It was the open question at our meeting on the July 19.  The conversations always seem to focus on one primary questi

Post date: Jun 29th 2016

Your Church Board at its May annual retreat and June Board meeting reviewed and adopted a new Annual Vision of Ministry for 2016-17

Post date: May 30th 2016

      The annual Leadership Retreat marks the beginning of a new year for the Board of Directors.  If the success of this year’s retreat is any measure, 16-17 is going to be an amazing year.