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Post date: Apr 27th 2016

It’s May 2016.  New members have been elected, and the Board is busy planning its late-May retreat, where we will prepare for the coming year.  But I don’t want to move ahead without reflecting on the major accomplishments of this year.  And there have

Post date: Jan 1st 2016

President’s Column

Melanie Mayeaux, Board President

Post date: Sep 28th 2015

   As we continue our transition to policy governance, a frequent topic of conversation among the leadership is about roles and relationships.  The conversation usually centers around the role of the Board of Directors and its relationship with Steve, t

Post date: Aug 29th 2015

     Our theme in August was transformation.

Post date: Jun 29th 2015

I was honored to be elected in April to serve as President of this congregation.  As I make my way into my still young term, I have given a great deal of thought about the type of President I want to be and my vision of leadership for the coming year.

Post date: Nov 27th 2014


Post date: Oct 26th 2014

The second town hall- style meeting was held several weeks ago.  These meetings, held twice each year, invite discussion on “open” ques

Post date: Sep 18th 2014

Meetings of the Board are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 and all are welcome.  Agenda is posted on the bulletin board and on the church’s web site a few days before.  At the last meeting, we discussed possible new Board policies involvi

Post date: Aug 29th 2014

 Rationale for the Proposed 2015 Annual Budget

Post date: Aug 1st 2014

From the Board

By Nancy Gilbert, Board President