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Post date: Nov 26th 2013

Looking for some last minute Christmas ideas? Did you intentionally miss the Black Friday rush because you were protesting its overt commercialism or its intrusion onto Thanksgiving Day? Are you just looking for more spiritually healthful Christmas gifts?

Post date: Oct 30th 2013

    I am grateful that the government has reopened. Still, I worry for all those in our congregation and around the country whose economic stability was at risk.

Post date: Sep 23rd 2013

We have heard your desire for more emphasis on spirituality, more depth, and more time for reflection.

Post date: Aug 29th 2013

Letter to the editor by The Reverend Ryan in response to the Reverend Foster (a local minister), published in The Advocate, 8/24/13:

Post date: Jul 30th 2013

A woman that I respect deeply used to describe our faith to me as a buffet. This used to drive me nuts! She would say that we could pick from whatever beliefs and religions we wished.

Post date: Jun 27th 2013


Post date: May 29th 2013


Post date: Apr 30th 2013

    We have five expectations of membership at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. These are different from requirements.

Post date: Mar 28th 2013

By The Reverend Nathan A. Ryan


Post date: Mar 6th 2013

It's unfortunate that I am limited by our vocabulary. I find the words thank you absolutely inadequate to describe my appreciation for the ordination last month. It was a milestone for me and this church. The sanctuary was completely filled.