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Post date: Apr 18th 2018

By Holly Haymaker

Post date: Feb 26th 2015


Post date: Sep 18th 2014

Meetings of the Board are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 and all are welcome.  Agenda is posted on the bulletin board and on the church’s web site a few days before.  At the last meeting, we discussed possible new Board policies involvi

Post date: Jun 27th 2014

    As mentioned previously, the elected board, outgoing board, team leaders

Post date: May 28th 2014

Thank you, congregation for approving bylaw changes needed for policy governance to take effect! 

Post date: May 1st 2014

Governance Task Force Update

Post date: Mar 26th 2014

Governance Task force Members: Mike Hebert,

Diana Dorroh, Capi Landreneau or Kelli Gilbert.

Post date: Feb 25th 2014

 "A well-ordered congregation lays down schedules, puts policies on paper, places people in positions, and generally brings order out of chaos."  Dan Hotchkiss, Governance and Minis

Post date: Jan 31st 2014

Since the first of the year, members of our Board of Trustees, the Policy Governance Committee (PGC), and of course, Reverend Crump and staff, have been busy working on the final components needed for the transition to the new governance system.  Many t