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If you are looking for a religious community in which to seek spiritual growth;

If you are eager to consider religious questions with others who are not always certain they have all the answers but who are determined to keep searching for them;

If you would like the fellowship of others for worship, discussion, education, friendship and mutual support;

If you are seeking a church where the freedom of the pulpit and the freedom of the pew are equally respected;

If you desire an opportunity for women and men, regardless of race, color, religion of origin, sexual orientation or political affiliations, to come together and be more concerned with the love of people than the love of things;

If you want children to be helped to develop their spiritual curiosity, compassion, and critical thinking;

If you wish to preserve and extend the traditions of democracy, freedom of conscience and human dignity;

You may want to get to know us better.

We are the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge.